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Get Professional Painting Tips from the owner Greg Brewer 

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Residential Property in Clearwater, FL

Surface Preparation

Whether you are painting inside or outside, all surfaces must be prepped. Pressure washing the outside with a mildewcide before painting is a must. Removing all dirt and mildew is key for a primer or paint to achieve proper adhesion.


Trenching can be done a couple of ways. While pressure washing, simply point the pressure washer towards the base of the home at a 45-degree angle. Push the dirt approximately four inches off the base of the house and four inches deep. Or, after pressure washing, take a shovel and just dig a four-inch by four-inch trench around the base of the home. Doing so will allow you to seal and paint below grade. This will help with moisture intrusion from some of those pesky settling cracks.


When a repaint hasn't been done for a long time or an infill of product is used, chalking can occur. Chalking is the result of broken down paint. Sometimes, pressure washing is all you need to remove chalk. A sealer, however, is necessary for extreme circumstances. When chalk remains after power washing, sealer will penetrate chalk and lock it down, allowing paint to properly adhere to your surface. If you ever see a house peeling, check the back of the chip for chalk. Nine times out of ten, someone skipped this important step in any great paint job.

Patching and Caulking

Patching all cracks and caulking all open seams with an elastomeric patching compound will help with moisture-intrusion. By using a small Whizz roller system or a brush, patching is a very simple step toward achieving your goal of a great paint job.

Paint Selection

Remember that after all the work that goes into the preparation, choosing a quality product for the outside is very important. We are trying to make this paint job last for a long time. If the house has a lot of imperfections, choose a flat paint because that will lower the sheen, therefore you will see fewer imperfections. With a higher sheen, you get more washability, but also more imperfections appear. The difference in price between the quality product and an inferior product is minimal when you factor in all the hard work and preparation that must be done to properly paint your home. You want this to last a long time; therefore, it is worth investing in a higher quality product for your home.


Whether you spray, roll, or brush your house, we recommend two coats in order to achieve a proper end result. Per coat, paint only dries to half the thickness of a sheet of paper. Building up the thickness of the coating will help protect your home against the elements. Again, this is a lot of hard work and you don't want to have to re-do this work any sooner than necessary. So we highly recommend that you do it right the first time.


After all the time and hard work you put into your new paint project, a simple way to protect your paint is mildewcide. Every year after pollen season, take a little time to power wash your home with a mildewcide. This will make your paint job last and look its best for many years.

Just remember to take your time, follow these steps so that your biggest investment remains looking like your biggest investment. A good paint job is the quickest and easiest way of completely changing the look of your home.

Contact us when you need professional tips to help you complete your project more efficiently. We are proud to serve customers in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Largo, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar and all other parts of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties, Florida.